by F E W

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Eyal Rosenberg - lead vocal, guitar, synth
Tzahi Mizrahi - guitar
Orri Dror - Bass, backing vocals
Hila Salomon - Drums, backing vocals

Additional backing vocal by Guy Cohavi


released March 17, 2016

Few's songs were written by Eyal Rosenberg, arranged and produced by Few and Guy Cohavi.
Recorded and Mixed by Guy Cohavi at the Avak Afrikaie studios, TLV
Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering



all rights reserved


F E W Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

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Track Name: Paradigms
I want to break the paradigms
That’s keeps me dead in my life
The Things I do
The Ways I think
In my troubled head

You asked me how
But I couldn’t tell
you wanted someone
To take away your pain

I couldn’t give you
What I didn’t have

Repeating circles
Avoiding pain
We are Lab mice
But the scientist is dead
Track Name: Atonement day
You had your time to think it through
Realizing what you’ve fallen to
Beneath the face that acted cool
We knew this was coming but we chose to overlook

Screaming silence that that echoed through
The walls around my roots
Everything is quiet
The streets are filled with fools
And we are the smart ones
Yet we always loose

Our kind cannot choose
Drifting to moments in silent rooms
Killing the future
Suffocating the new
Strange ideas
Counting moons
Track Name: Railroads
Born on the railroads
Having no doubts
they're growing a voice
that someday will shout

they'll reach for the line
and jump the wired fences
while burning denials
their muscles reflexes

they'll grip a guitar
and scorch it with base
till the queen of their kingdom
has shame on her face

falling too high
flying too low
breaking sound barriers
while rushing the flow

beneath the troubled water
below the fading gap
the light reflects your myth
upon the burning sand
Track Name: Not Around
Now that every crack has sealed With time
Your sun no longer shine On me

I can go in for a while
Close the veils
Sit down
Let it die

You know
Its getting easier
To let you go
Alone again
where i start
there’s your end

these days are pretty grey
when there’s no one to understand
but I guess its better like this
better this way
when you’re not around
Track Name: New Land
You’ve seen too much to walk this road
You’ve been behind the scene too long
But now the waves that carried you
Found a new land

we know you want to come back home
to where you’re true chemistry belong

So crash and leave your false believes
Don’t care about the past
The ground we’re on will have us all
No time for empty thoughts

we know you want to come back home
to where you’re true chemistry belong

mind nothing
come back from the deep
mind nothing
elevate your dreams
mind nothing
the truth wont set you free
mind nothing
wipe those drama tears
mind nothing
burn the road you’re in
mind nothing
the more you know the less you sleep
mind nothing
the pills wont make you see
cause nothing is real
Track Name: Masochistics
I will make you love
I will make you hurt
I will touch your skin
Than ill disappear

I will take you out
Show off my intellect
Than ill play a game
Called I’m not interested
It will make you want me
Cause were all masochistic
it will leave a vacuum
And voids within me

Some will bite you
Some will lick your wounds
Some will make you dread
Some will keep you cool
Which one are you?
Which one is me?
Tell me do you hear?
The storm between my ears

I’m tired
I need something else
Been so long it feels so pale
Where is my sun?
I’m tired of everyone